Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Life After Sacramento's Tent City?










This is from the multimedia narrative I have been working on from Tent City...spending more time with her as she goes to the doctor next week and then hopefully she will find a place near the 1st of May.

Kathleen Walker, 49, has lived in Sacramento's Tent City for almost 4 months. Walker left Reno, NV after being stabbed by her husband during the holidays and fears that if she presses charges that her life may be in danger. While she once battled heroin addiction, Walker has managed to stay clean for almost 15 years -- but not without consequence. She now suffers from end stage cirrhosis and waits amongst a long line of others for a critical liver transplant.

Although her disability check allows her enough money to find housing in low-income areas of Sacramento, her eight-year-old dog 'Hustler' has made it nearly impossible for her to convince landlords to let her move in -- he's a 100 pound pitbull.

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