Sunday, September 21, 2008

Missouri Photo Workshop: DAY 1

5:30am yesterday and it all started.

My lovely girlfriend dropped me off at the airport, and luckily I was able to check in and get on the first flight as a standby passenger (in an effort to save money, I'm flying standby to back & forth to both workshops).

I even got business class on my connecting flight to St. Louis! They treated me like royalty! Now it will hurt even worse when I'm back in coach again.

Upon arrival in St. Louis, I met Dania Maxwell, a freelance photographer also based in San Francisco as well as John Givot who says he lives "around Oregon" but has some family outside of Portland.

We were lost.
But we found.
And then we drove, by the cover of night to St. James...

I met some other new friends from Montreal, Sydney, Singapore & Seattle...we all ate Pizza Hut together and talked about what an amazing experience this will be.

And then we went for a few beers at "The Stag", where a beer costs a buck fifty and there's this framed painted portrait of JFK & Jackie O behind the bar & huge rubber band ball stuff in the corner.

When I returned to my trashy little hotel, my roommate Bogdan was here from Romania. He quit his job at a newspaper back home to attend the workshop here.

And to think that I am a bit culture shocked!

I'm off to find a story and then meet for registration later this afternoon.

Wish me luck!

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