Monday, September 22, 2008

Missouri Photo Workshop: DAY 2


Day two was filled with much walking around St. James, and talking to its people.

I met everyone from the pro-tiem mayor to a man who has lived in the town most of his life is losing three of his toes today.

Evenutally I will caption the photographs, but at this point it's more important that I settle in on a final story to cover. This photographer's sanctuary is probably one of the most intense photographic experiences I've ever had. While excited, I'm quite nervous about it thoughts seem to be echoed throughout.

After a wonderful dinner with some of the community last night (St. James knows how to cook some damn good BBQ btw), we returned to our headquarters at the community center. We were informed on the 60 year history of the workshop, and then lectured by various faculty including Alan Berner from the Seattle Times.

It turns out that I was assigned Alan Berner as my editor! He is amazing!

See his work here:
Alan Berner - American West

Peggy Peattie from the San Diego Union-Tribune will also be coaching and editing my work through the week...

Her work is here:
Peggy Peattie - Down in Dixie

The sun has just come up on my 3rd Day, and it's time to get a story nailed down.

Thanks for reading.

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